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The Down Riggers Fishing Club is a non-affiliated, non-profit club based in Bowie, Maryland with an array of diversified anglers. The Down Riggers Fishing Club promotes the ideas of angling with the attitude of "sharing knowledge" and set about building an organization where the ideals and mission would be the first priority of membership.


Membership shall be open to all, without regard to race, creed, color, religion or gender. Minimum age for membership shall be fifteen years. Membership fees are $50.00 per year. All membership dues shall be used for the benefit of the club; i.e. awards banquet, web page, mailings and support it’s mission. Annual dues are payable at the first regularly scheduled meeting of the year or upon being admitted to the club. Membership is open to fishermen and non-Fishermen interested in learning to fish. Membership is open to non-boaters and boaters. Boaters with Aluminum and Fiberglass boats are welcomed. Boaters must be equipped with a functioning live-well system and engine-interrupting "kill switch". For complete membership information  please send an e-mail request to Joe Banks, Membership Coordinator.


Fill out the electronic membership form and click Submit or just Print it out and mail it in.                                                            

Salmon fishing in Lake Ontario, Canada.

Down Riggers Fishing Club

Phone: (202) 498-5012

Fax: (301) 808-7248

E-mail: JBanks@DownRiggersFC.Com

The Down Riggers Fishing club recently fished the Bahamas and stayed at this beautiful resort. We’ll be back in June 2010.

Rock Fishing in the Chesapeake Bay

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